Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Income Dissemination Areas


A student managed to create or find a map of dissemination areas for the Moncton CMA (based on the 2011 reference map for the 0013.00 CT) with superposed data about average income (in thousands) and type of dwelling by dissemination area. The only reference he gave his professor is the following link: <>. His professor would love to consult this data, but we can’t seem to find it. Where can he find it?


For the 2011 Census you can go through GeoSearch and obtain this map for each Census Tabulation in Moncton and if you know the DA codes that are in each CT you can also extract the information for those dissemination areas (Das):

For the 2011 NHS we did not publish any information below the CT level in our standard products. For the CT mentioned above you can obtain this NHS Profile: NHS Profile, 0013.00, New Brunswick, 2011