Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Income Status for Persons with Disabilities


I'm looking for information regarding post-injury poverty status of workers and I'm having trouble finding the following:

Before and After Tax LIM ( low income measure), LICO ( low income cut off) and MBM ( market basket measure of poverty) for 2002 to 2009, for both Canadians with disabilities and Ontarians with disabilities.

Of the years requested 2008 and 2009 are the most important and "before" taxes is particularly important.

Any information would be very useful.


The PALS 2006 data base contains both “before” and “after” tax LICO. This information would need to be addressed trough a custom data request with our client services or by access to the RDCs. There is also the CCHS which contains injury specific variables, income (grouped), and geography (province & health regions). This survey has a fairly large sample of injured respondents. However determining the post-injury quality of life / income may not be captured in this dataset well.


A longitudinal dataset (like the NPHS - http://www23.statcan.gc.ca/imdb/p2SV.pl?Function=getSurvey&SDDS=3225&lang=fr&db=imdb&adm=8&dis=2 ) via the RDC, or custom tab may be more appropriate since a lot of people still receive work benefits up to a certain point post-injury.