Saturday, February 2, 2013

2011 Census Tract Numbers


When I access the 2011 census tract profiles for London CMA, I am seeing some problems with the numbers, specifically with Age Characteristics.

If you go here, I can describe what I mean:


Here are a couple of errors I have noticed for 5550045.00 profile:

Age characteristics 17 years: Total 5/Male 5/Female 5

18 years: Total 25/Male 10/Female 20

40-44 years: Total 30/15/10

The math does not seem to be adding up.


This is a rounding technique to ensure confidentiality, for more information please see
Data Quality and Confidentiality Standards and Guidelines (Public)

1. When a sum is specified for age, then the program multiplies the unrounded average of the group in question by the rounded frequency. Otherwise, if a sum is specified for a variable other than age, the program rounds the actual sum.