Thursday, April 8, 2010

2006 Census Statistics By Health Regions - Which Source to Use?


I have run into a problem checking 2006 Census stats by health regions across two different sources.

Which source should we use? For example …

Population by health region

Census Indicator Profile, 2006

table 109-0300 CANSIM
2006 Community Profiles
Eastern Regional IHA-Integrated Health Authority Network

(Newfoundland and Labrador)
Zone 6, (Nova Scotia)387,935391,639
Region 1 (New Brunswick)188,355191,860
Region 2 (New Brunswick)167,765169,765

Many thanks for any help or background information.


The total population figures in the CANSIM table are based on 20% data while the population counts in the 2006 Community Profiles are based on 100% data (notes from the products follow). I spoke with Michel and he explained that 20% data, from the long form, excludes residents of institutions and that the researcher can decide which is most appropriate for him/her in this case.

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