Friday, February 26, 2010

Use of DLI Data


An instructor would like to use the GSS Cycle 19 pumf from the DLI for a research paper he is writing. A member of the public is paying him a stipend to write the research paper. The research within the paper may be used to find the correct location for a radio station in Alberta. Can the researcher use the GSS Cycle 19 pumf available through MRU free of charge, or does he have to purchase the data within the GSS Cycle 19 pumf? Thirdly, does he have to "pay" the DLI a percentage of his profits from the stipend he receives for writing the article? How does that work, and what are the licensing rules for the DLI datasets in this case?


In this case, the proposed use of the data file is not authorized under the DLI license ( The DLI collection may be used for teaching, academic research and publishing and planning of educational services within the educational institution. It may not be used for commercial contracts, income generating or commercial purposes.

In this case, the end user or researcher will therefore need to purchase a copy of the data file for this project. I will send you the name and contact details of an Account-Executive in our Calgary office who will be in a position to provide more information about the product, its cost and licensing.

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