Friday, February 26, 2010

Canada Student Means Survey


A document I have, entitled "An analysis of the Canadian post secondary student population. Part 1: A report on Canadian undergraduate students" (link to Amicus record here:

published in 1966, makes reference to a "Canada Student Means Survey" run in Feb 1965. The last sentence of the last paragraph of the Foreword states that "The raw data from the Survey has been stored on magnetic computer tape and is available for future use."

A researcher here at York would dearly love to get his hands on the aforementioned raw data. Any chance that it still exists and is, in fact, accessible?


I have consulted a few divisions that work in this area and this doesn't appear to be StatCan survey.

I know that we were fairly certain of this given the additional research you conducted and another individual's  findings (" (...) the implication from the McMaster Archives finding aid is that it was conducted from University of Victoria, under the aegis of National Federation of Canadian University Students / Canadian Union of Students") but I wanted to give you this additional confirmation as well.

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