Monday, August 27, 2007

Demography Division - Deaths


Does Demography Division ever provide researchers with data estimates prior to the official publication date? A research group here completed their project in March 2007 and would like to complete the analysis [and publish, of course] ASAP. They need estimates of deaths by age and sex [only interested in those over 80 years old] for Quebec through March 2007, or at least a 2006/2007 estimate. At the moment these are only available on CANSIM through January, 2005 or July 2004, depending on the series used.

They would be able to pay for more recent data, if it would be available to them.


I spoke with our Demography Division and they could provide you with monthly total deaths in Quebec up to March 2007 (no breakdown by age and sex). If this is of interest, you could request this data through the Statistics Canada Regional Reference Centre in Montreal at or at 1-800-263-1136. Please note that fees would be associated with this service.

Monthly deaths for Quebec by age and sex up to October 2007 will be available as a custom request on December 20th 2007.

CANSIM table 051-0002 "Deaths, by sex and age group, Canada, provinces and territories, annual (persons)" can give you deaths by age and sex for Quebec for the year 2005/2006 (July 1 to June 30).

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