Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Retail Sales or Household Spending - Children's Clothing


I am looking for either retail sales of children's clothing (NAICS 44813) or household spending on children's clothing for St. John's NL. I was able to pull some stuff out of the SHS in ESTAT, but it was at the provincial level. I took a quick look at the survey in IDLS and it appears to be the same options geography wise.

Can anyone give me any pointers to where I might look next?


You can try the hard way and use the SHS. It may only have the data by province but it also has a variable called URBSIZEP which breaks up the population size by over and under 100,000.

Your other choice which will be FAR easier is to hang on a little bit because we FINALLY got the OK to receive those wonderful SHS tables that everyone has been drooling over all these years. They have the breakdown for children's clothing (for under the age of 4) by CMA.

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