Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Religiosity in Canada


A student here at Concordia is doing research on the religious impact on politics in Canada. They are interested in finding some concrete numbers on how religious people are (the depth of their religiosity measured in some way, i.e. self-reporting, or some other measure of religiosity) in relation to the stated number of people of a certain religion from the census. For example, of the 12 million people who state to be Roman Catholic, how many of those 12 million are actually religious in their day to day lives?


1. One possibility is to use the Canadian election surveys, which include measures of religiosity:

Another option is Reginald Bibby's surveys of Canadian religiosity, at ARDA:

2. There is an article in Canadian Social Trends (spring 2003) called "Pockets of belief: religious attendance patterns in Canada". This lead us to the General Social Survey. In each year of the survey they ask "Other than special occassions (such as weddings, funerals, or baptisms) how often did you attend religious services or meetings in the past 12 months?"

Although this may not completely answer your question, it's probably the closest Statscan comes to asking how religious are you.

3. Another source may be the International Social Survey Programme. They did two religion surveys, 1991 and 1998. You can find the documentation at:
and scroll down to both years.

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