Thursday, November 11, 2004

Resource Royalties for Nunavut


A student here wants to know what resource royalties were paid by the Nunavut territorial government to the federal government. From CANSIM, I can get the total royalties collected by the federal government, but I can't seem to find it broken down by payee (as it were). Not being sure of the terminology, I also tried looking for taxes or transfers, but didn't get anything that seemed to fit.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?


Provincial & Territorial governments don't pay royalties to the federal government. On the contrary, the federal government has jurisdiction on some non-renewable resource royalties and makes transfers to the provinces. (for example, offshore revenues in NFLD). Otherwise, the provinces look after their own royalty collection, (for example in Alberta, oil and gas royalties) and the federal government collects on its own behalf.

A good source could be Table 385-0002 for Natural resource royalties collected by the federal government for the breakdown between oil & gas, mineral, other, etc. We don't collect detail below this aggregate level, however.

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  1. I would just like to say that Nunavut does not surrently collect its own royalties, that is done by the Federal Government and then a 5% portion is given to the Territory. This is because no devolution agreement has come to pass between the territory and the Federal Government. Essentiallly the Federal Government is treating the territory like it is on probation and can deal with all the money that the Nunavut Government will recieve from it resources. But realistically the Federal Government just doesn't want to release its grip upon such a resource rich area.


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