Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Population projections publication


We have a faculty member who has used "Projections of visible minority population groups, Canada, provinces and regions, 1991-2016" (Stats Can Pub no.: 91-541-XPE) which we have in our library. However, it did not have exactly what he needed regarding languages. I found in the Online Catalogue a publication entitled: "Detailed tables of projections of households and families for Canada, provinces and territories, 1994-2016" (Catalogue no.: 91C0024). It had the description: Categories: Ethnic origin, Migration, Languages, Religion, Population characteristics, Vital statistics, Citizenship, Census of population, Age groups, Aging population. With those descriptive categories we thought that it might provide what he needs. Would it be available via the DLI?


Unfortunately, this cannot be made available to the DLI as it is not a product but a service. Any STC catalogue number with a "C" as the third character indicates a cost recovery service and not a stand alone product. The output will depend on what each clients requests.

As indicated on the main page for this catalogue number: Pricing varies according to client specifications.

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