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2021 Census Postsecondary Research Kit

October 4, 2022

Statistics Canada has released a new resource for students: the 2021 Census Postsecondary Research Kit. This user-friendly toolkit is designed for use by CEGEP, college and university students looking to use census data in their research.

As more and more data sources are competing for students’ attention, the need for credible, trustworthy information is more vital than ever. That is why we are committed to fostering statistical literacy and building the next generation of census users.

This new toolkit shows students:

  • what types of data the census provides
  • why census data matter
  • how to find census data online, including data on different populations and regions
  • how the data can be used to answer complex research questions.

You can find the 2021 Census Postsecondary Research Kit along with other educator resources on the Statistics Canada Census Engagement page.

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