Friday, October 11, 2019

FSA Land Area


Hi Data Librarians, 

I'm helping a researcher get a list of FSAs (Forward Sortation Areas) with their population density, but I only found the population data by FSA via Census Analyzer or Stats Can website. So as a workaround, I downloaded the boundary file (shapefile) of FSAs, imported to ArcMap, calculated geometry of all the polygons, and got a spreadsheet of FSAs with their land area. Then she can just calculate population density. But I'm just wondering if there is another way-- maybe this FSA land area data is hidden somewhere I'm not aware of?  



That’s the approach I would have taken as well. Depending on what area of Canada your researcher is examining, you might want to choose a projection that minimizes areal distortion, especially if you’re dealing gigantic FSAs.

You may want to have a look at this (or something like this) in case you haven’t already: