Friday, September 6, 2019

Food Allergy Data for Business Evaluation


I have a researcher from the School of Business looking for information about what areas of Canada, US, or worldwide, have the highest rate of food allergies. They are looking to see if there are areas of high concentration of ‘single-location full-service restaurants’ that have high prevalence of food allergies. The objective is to identify an opportunity in these concentrated service areas to focus on a 'food-allergy' customer group in order to gain a strategic advantage in a crowded market.

Does anyone have suggestions for finding prevalence of food allergies?

I’ve received the following response from subject matter:

“In 2017, the Canadian Community Health Survey(CCHS) asked two questions on allergies. The first question asked if the respondent has ever been told by a health professional that they had allergies as a result of an allergy test. The following question asks what they are allergic to, with one of the categories being certain foods.

The data is available in a custom request.

It seems like the level of geography they would be interested in might be small, and because allergies were only available in 2017 the sample size might not be available. The feasibility of a custom request will depend on the sample size for the requested geography.”