Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CCHS Documentation for 2014

I have received a request for the following Canadian Community Health Survey documents:

CCHS 2014 Derived Variables Documentation
Canadian Community Health Survey – Errata (updated June 2015)
These are both listed on this page:

I am presuming that the Derived Variables Documentation is the same as the Derived Variable (DV) Specifications document that I found on the EFT and , but would like confirmation of that.

You are correct, the Derived Variable specs you found on the EFT is the correct document.  As for the errata, I am placing the CCHS 2015 errata on the EFT site under the documentation folder.  

As per subject matter: “Please note that this errata does not replace the existing errata for the 2000-2014 CCHS, rather it is an additional errata. Going forward, all errata items for 2015 onward will appear in this second document. This document will be updated on an ongoing basis. Please be sure to keep both the 2000-2014 and 2015+ documents.”