Wednesday, August 3, 2016

PALS 2006


I have a question regarding the Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, 2006. I downloaded the PALS data, looking for the variable "ADFT_Q01 " (regarding autism developmental disability) , but it is not in the data set. Do you know why?


To collect information on adults whose everyday activities are limited because of a condition or health problem, the PALS questionnaire identifies ten types of disabilities. However, for reasons of confidentiality related to the PUMF, four types of disabilities were grouped as “Other.” As a result, the typology provided to PUMF users contains seven types of disabilities, namely hearing, seeing, speech, mobility, agility, pain and “other” disabilities. The PALS 2006 Technical and Methodological report contains a description of this typology for adults.

PALS 2006 Technical and Methodological report link:

Variable in PUMP file: OTH_LIM (Other Limitation Derived Variable (Learning, Memory, Development, Psychological, Unknown))

A note of caution in the use of the developmental variable as a measure of autism, as autism is only of many developmental disabilities represented by this variable.

Included are links to more recent information that may be useful.

Developmental disabilities among Canadians aged 15 years and older, 2012 Released February 29th 2016

115-0003: Adults with disabilities, by type, sex and age group, for Canada, provinces and territories.

115-0004: Adults with disabilities, by severity, sex and age group, Canada, provinces and territories.