Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Intensive Care / Critical Care beds


The researcher requires:
Intensive Care Beds and Critical Care Beds in Canada from CIHI:

1- number of beds
2- bed utilization
3- cost of operating a bed/year
4- admission rate

Is the Discharge Abstracts Database (
DAD) the place to go for this information?


The DAD will probably only be able to answer #4 – Admission Rate. The DAD can identify the overall number of hospitalizations, and the number of those hospitalizations that have had one or more stays in a Special Care Unit of some kind.

Points 1-3 regarding the number of Intensive Care / Critical Care beds, bed utilization and cost of operating a bed per year can be answered using the Canadian MIS Database (CMDB).

Please feel free to contact the Financial Standards and Information team (fsi@cihi.ca) for more information regarding the CMDB.