Monday, March 21, 2016

Microdata on Income and Educational Attainment


Is it possible to obtain microdata on Income and Educational Attainment at a more granular level than CMAs, without going via the RDCs? I realize that Income is a really sensitive variable in geographic terms, and I’ve looked at the NHS files in Nesstar and some other CANSIM tables, but haven’t found anything below CMAs in either place.

Would the NHS pumf (or a different survey file) enable drilling down to smaller geographic units for either of these variables?

Also, can you confirm whether this *would* be possible via the RDC, for either variable?


If the client would only like Income data then CT level data would be available for download through the 2011 NHS Profile in either CSV or IVT format. If, however, the client would like both Income and Education data crossed together then this data would only be available on a custom data basis through the nearest regional office.

The RDC does have data available down to the CT and CSD geographic level. There is also DA level data available but in order to disseminate this data you would need to aggregate the DAs to a 5,000 plus population area.