Monday, February 1, 2016

License required for the Human Dimensions Open Data Challenge?


SSHRC, Compute Canada and a few other organizations are partnering to encourage researchers in the social sciences to participate in the Human Dimensions Open Data Challenge. Their definition of Open Data being " Open data is the practice of making machine-readable data freely available to anyone to develop all kinds of new and useful solutions, products, and applications that surpass the initial value of the original data>'

In terms of encouraging/enabling participation in this challenge, what (if any) restrictions/conditions would participants need regarding using DLI data? I guess I'm really looking for clarification on the Open License.

Please see: DLI licensing and Statistics Canada's Open Data Licence.

· “They can use the PUMFs for statistical and research purposes but they cannot share the data files with non DLI members.· Postal code information may not be used for contractual or income-generating activity, and cannot be redistributed outside the DLI .· The data from CIHI cannot be shared with anyone outside DLI institutions nor can it be used for commercial purposes.· Browse through examples of prior licensing questions.”
May I suggest to recommend using CANSIM, census profiles, Summary tables for the Human Dimensions Open Data Challenge.