Tuesday, December 3, 2013

201 Census and NHS Data with 2006 Boundaries


A researcher would like to obtain the complete 2011 census and NHS profiles at the CSD level, but with the 2006 CSD boundaries.

I know that Statistics Canada can reconstruct the 2006 CSD boundaries from the 2011 dissemination blocks as explained here: <http://0www.statcan.gc.ca.mercury.concordia.ca /pub/92-195-x/2011001/geo/csd-sdr/previous/pc-rp-eng.htm>

But since the profiles are not publicly available at that geography level, I suppose this would require a custom tabulation. Am I right?

Can you tell me what it would cost to get all the CSD cumulative profiles (for both the census and the NHS) with the 2006 boundaries?


Yes I would believe this is a custom tabulation.