Monday, November 4, 2013

LFS Exclusions


I have some questions about LFS exclusions:

Does the LFS exclude official representatives of foreign countries living in Canada and their families (regardless of Canadian citizenship)?

Does the exclusion of people living in institutions include residences for seniors, chronic care patients, hospitals, psychiatric wards and rehab centers?


Government representatives of another country, who are posted to that country’s embassy, high commission, or other diplomatic mission in Canada, and family members living with them, are excluded from the LFS sample.

Full-time members of the Armed Forces are also excluded.

Residents of institutions such nursing homes, seniors’ residence, chronic care facilities, etc. are excluded.

Temporary residents of institutions (collective dwellings) who have been, or expect to be, in the institution for less than six months are considered as usual residents of their family dwelling, i.e., the dwelling that is their usual place of residence. Temporary residents of institutions are persons who have a usual place of residence but who are receiving care, or who are in custody, while living or staying at an institution.