Monday, March 18, 2013

Access to CIHI Documentation


Is the CIHI Discharge Abstract Database considered public (i.e., anyone who wants to can look at it), or are users required to agree to the license agreement before they can look at it? I have assumed the former, but it occurred to me that since there is a separate license on the look-up table program, they might want all of the formal documentation locked down.

The documentation would not be considered public – DLI authorises users only.

The files from CIHI are not considered public, if I understand your question correctly. In order to use the files, the DLI licence has to be signed, and only authorised DLI users are allowed to use the file.

Not all of the documentation included with the DAD data is available publicly. The DAD Data Quality (DQ) documents are the only resources that are also available on CIHI’s website.