Thursday, January 21, 2010


To facilitate browsing, two changes have been made to the DLI home directory of the FTP site (/DissFTP/dli/).

1: You will notice that an English list of surveys and products (except geography, Census and trade) is now available in a directory called DLI collection ** except Census; Geography and Trade** . An equivalent French list is available in a directory called Collection de l'IDD **sauf le recensement; géographie et commerce international**.

The data files and documentation in these two directories are identical. The only difference between the two is the language used in the list of surveys and products. For example, if you access General Social Survey-GSS and Enquête sociale générale-ESG, the data and documentation directories within these two folders is identical.

The following directories under /DissFTP/dli/ have not been changed : (some of these were too large to be duplicated and included in separate access points)

Census of Agriculture - Recensement de l'agriculture
Census of Population - Recensement de la population
Geography - Géographie
Trade - Commerce international
Training-Repository - Dépôt des documents de formation
Utility - Tools - Utilitaires - Outils

With this change, administrative directories and files that have always been under /DissFTP/dli/ on the FTP site may be more apparent (ex. z_dli_mirror, zmiralb, zz-other, zzlogs, .forward, .sh_history, .Xauthority, Dirlist.txt, exclude.txt, excludetar.txt, Readme-first.txt). These files are required to administer the FTP site.

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