Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Census Tract Crime Statistics


I have a researcher looking for any available crime data for a census tract in Prince George (actually, he's looking for the data for a neighbourhood, but this Census Tract comes pretty close to covering it). I don't think we have access to anything at that geography, but I thought I'd better check to be sure. If not, are custom tabulations possible?


I checked with the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics and census tract level crime data isn't available. The lowest geographical area for which they can provide crime data is the police service level. They told me that Prince George has 2 respondents, an RCMP Municipal Force (59710 respondent code) and a RCMP Rural Detachment (59831 respondent code). Both of these forces send them crime data for their respective jurisdictions (areas of responsibility).

We have this data in the DLI collection the Crime Statistics "All Police services, 1977-2006" (ps_all.zip) file
You can open the ps_all.zip file and search for Prince George or the respondent code.

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