Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Participation and Activity Limitation Survey Question Re: Children


A UBC hospital researcher is planning to use PALS, but her interest is in the children surveyed, not the adult population. This presents a problem because the PUMF in the DLI collection does not include children 5-14. To quote the User's Guide:

For purposes of the PUMF, analysts based themselves on the 28,908 persons aged 15 and over who responded to the survey.

The researcher has not been able to contact the person identified in the release in The Daily or that person's successor.

She would really like to know whether there will be a PUMF for the children's file. She has been in contact with the local Research Data Centre and will work there if necessary, but wants an answer as to the eventual availability of a children's PUMF.


There is no PUMF for the PALS children's file.

Some results are available in "A profile of disability in Canada, 2001", catalogue number 89-577-XIE. The Profile of disability among children is available at the following link:

More than likely, the researcher may need additional information not covered in the previous profile. The researcher's options are:

1) Access the PALS file via the RDCs
2) Order custom tabulations

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