Friday, October 27, 2006

Longitudinal Administrative Databank


A faculty member is interested in the LAD. Past messages on the list have noted that it's available as a custom tabulation only. Would the researcher be able to access it through a Research Data Centre, or not?


1. A listing of the files found in the RDC at the following link:
I did not see LAD in the listing unfortunately.

Perhaps contacting your local RDC to ask them if you can access the file through their program? The RDC analysts contact information is found at the following link:

2. I just checked with Donna Dosman (U of A RDC) who happened to be down here today and she advises that the LAD will never be available even in the RDC's she indicated that it is so confidential that probably only five or six people in all of Statistics Canada have access.

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