Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Updated Products - SARTRE / TAM

Small Area Retail Trade Estimates (SARTRE) - 2002 and 2003 data

Small area retail trade estimates (SARTRE) is a system of developing user-defined tabulations of retail sales and number of locations as low as five-digit North American Industrial Classification (NAICS), for incorporated retailers with forward sortation area (FSA) levels of geographical detail. These data are derived by integrating survey data on chain stores with tax data (for non-chain retailers).

WEB: http://www.statcan.ca/english/Dli/Data/Ftp/sartre/sartre04.htm
FTP: /ftp/dli/sartre

Travel Activities and Motivation Survey (TAMS) - 1999

The Travel Activities and Motivation Survey (TAMS) was conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of the Canadian Tourism Commission and four provincial and territorial agencies responsible for tourism. The types of information collected are: areas of Canada travelled to in the previous two years and travel intentions for the next two years; reasons non-travellers do not travel; participation in recreational and entertainment activities; reasons for travelling in Canada and to Canadian provinces and territories; types of accommodation used while travelling; sources of travel planning information; and impressions of parts of Canada as travel destinations.

WEB: http://www.statcan.ca/english/Dli/Data/Ftp/tams.htm
FTP: /dli/tams/1999

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