Friday, July 9, 2004

Citing maps, aerial photographs, satellite images, etc.


I was wondering if anybody had any helpful hints on the following topic? Mount Royal College is attempting to use APA citation format to reference maps and graphs created by Stats Can raw data, and aerial photographs, and satellite images. We are also trying to cite maps made from data collected by the author (or person who created the data). Does anyone use this type of citation style to reference spatial data?


Work is currently being done on a StatCan citation guide. The plan is to build bibliographic references examples from their standards (public) products including maps and geospatial data files. In doing the preliminary work (inventory), I found a good Canadian web site at McMaster on the subject:

Other good examples include:

More, the classic on the subject of maps citation seems to be:
Clark, Suzanne M., Mary Lynette Larsgaard, and Cynthia M. Teague.
Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide, MAGERT Circular No. 1.
Chicago: American Library Association, 1992.

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