Monday, March 20, 2017

Survey of Household Spending (SHS)

I have a researcher asking about Survey of Household Spending data. I see that there are 2015 tables for this survey, some released just in January. Yet a look at Nesstar and the EFT site shows that latest PUMF is 2009.

Am I missing something ? Is there a later PUMF than 2009 ? Any plans for a 2015 PUMF?

The last PUMF produced for SHS was in 2009, as SHS underwent a major redesign in 2010. A new methodology which combined the questionnaire and a diary to collect the household expenditures was introduced for the 2010 survey. There are substantial differences between pre-2010 data and those from 2010 onward due to changes in data collection, processing and estimation methods

The dlilist was notified on several occasions that subject matter did not have the resources to create a PUMF after 2009. This decision has yet to be revisited.