Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1991 Census Forward Sortation Area - Digital Boundary Files

From the DLI EFTP, I am not able to locate the 1991 census FSA digital boundary files either in the  “/MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/geo/1991/spatdata/arcinfo/dcf” nor the “/MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/geo/1991/spatdata/arcinfo/dbf” safes. Please advise if such files are available and if yes, where should I look.

I did look in the EFT: /MAD_DLI_IDD_DAM/Root/geo/1991/spatdata/mapinfo/dbf location, but the FSA is also not in this location.

We inquired with subject matter about the availability of the Forward Sortation Area (FSA) - Digital Boundary Files (DBF) for the 1991 Census and it seems the files do not exist prior to 2001. Please see below for a copy of the response we received:

“We’ve searched fichiersGEOfiles where we keep our historical geography products and could not find an FSA boundary file prior to 2001.

Most definitions in the Census dictionary will indicate which Census year a geography is related to but the FSA definition does not give such info.

Our guess is that it did not exist prior to 2001.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Birth Data and Census

A group of researchers are looking for birth or births data by Census geography for Manitoba. 

Statistics Canada does have a table or a CANSIM table that provides birth data for Census Divisions:

Statistics Canada.  Table  17-10-0085-01   Components of population growth by census division, age group and sex, annual, based on the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2011

This  table will give births by Census Divisions.  2012-2016 (CANSIM table 051-0063).

There was a question I found at DIGRS:
Birth and death rates for Sackville, N.S.  indicates the 1996 Community Profiles had birth statistics: 

However, I found the 2006 Community profiles and it no longer appears to include births:  

There used to be a paper publication that provided births data for Census divisions and subdivisions:

Tully, Patricia and Brent Day (editors).  2004.   General summary of vital statistics by local area, 2002 : shelf tables.  Ottawa: Statistics Canada.   (paper only)

This publication has vital statistics (including births) by Census Divisions and then by subdivisions. 

It seems a bit odd that an older paper publication is more detailed than current online tables, so I am wondering if I am perhaps missing something or if Census Division is the best current births data available?  I am checking provincial data as well, but have not seen anything more useful so far. 

Subject matter has informed us that they release births data by Census Divisions (CDs), Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and Economic Region (ER): These data covers July 1st to June 30.

If the researchers would like data on a calendar year (January to December) and other geographical areas, please let us know and we will enquire with the subject matter area responsible 

Friday, July 13, 2018

PUMF for Canadian Disability Survey

I know that there was a decision not to have a PUMF for the CSD 2012.

What is the decision for the CSD 2017? Is there any chance that there will be a PUMF for the CSD 2012 – will they be reconsidering this decision?

Also, do you know when we will be receiving CANSIM tables for the CSD 2017?

We have received the following response from subject matter regarding your inquiry:

“Unfortunately, there will be no PUMF for 2017 or 2012.  There will be 8 or 9 CSD 2017 data tables (no longer called CANSIM tables) released on November 28, 2018 (CSD release day) and we are exploring other potential data tables for later release.”

We have made them aware that there is interest for a PUMF so we’ll keep pursuing that avenue.

Income by dissemination areas or blocks

I am looking for data for income and DAs or DBs.
My user already has it by CT but would like the data at a finer scale.
Is there any way to obtain this data?

This is available via the Census Profiles complete download by DA: 

Note that even though the DA-level profiles are broken up by province, the files are still HUGE (narrow format, so ~2200 rows per DA) so you'll likely need a stats package just to explore the data.

These tables are currently being added to EFT.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Company Data for Southwestern Ontario

I have a researcher looking for financial information about Southwestern Ontario companies more specifically income, output levels and capital values for each company. Or is this available at a broader level such as by NAIC and geography (Postal Code, CSD, etc) Any ideas where this data could be?

Statistics Canada does not publicly publish business confidential data at any level, all identifiers are suppressed prior to publishing. This type of data would only be accessible through the Business Register (formerly the Canadian Business Patterns), which is not publicly accessible.

Nonetheless, we did come across Dalhousie University’s Business Research Guide that outlined numerous resources for company financial statements.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces

A) Will there be a PUMF for Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces? I know that you can get data from the RDCs.

B) A related question – can DLI put together a list of surveys indicating whether or not there is a pumf for that particular survey, and if not, where can we access the data, if it is possible. This would save us and our clients a lot of time.

A)The subject matter area responsible has informed us that there are no plans to develop a PUMF for the Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces (SSMCAF). It seems the data will only be made available through the RDCs. However, we have ensured that the team is aware of the level of interest.

B) Members of the DLI community have access to a listing of all DLI products. Also, on the EFT safe (MAD_PUMF_FMGD_DAM) there is a readme excel file that lists all PUMFs available in the DLI. All PUMFs have an associated master file. A listing of all master files available in the RDCs can be found at the data available in the RDCs page.

Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces

I’ve just heard about a new survey that Statcan is conducting called the Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces (Survey 5256). Data collection is underway now.

In looking at the questionnaires, there seems to be some overlap with the General Social Survey on Victimization (Survey 4504), though only partial. Will the GSS Victimization – last done in 2014 -- also be conducted on its regular 5-cycle which I would expect to be in 2019?

Subject matter has confirmed that the General Social Survey (GSS) on Victimization survey is planned to continue being conducted on its regular 5-cycle. The Survey of Safety in Public and Private Spaces (SSPPS) is expected to be a one-time survey.