Friday, March 24, 2017

Supply and Use Tables - Electricity

QuestionAccording to the Supply and Use Tables available through DLI and CANSIM, I am not able to help this researcher get a finer breakdown of the electricity sector to reflect:

221111 - Hydro-electric power generationUS
221112 - Fossil-fuel electric power generationUS
221113 - Nuclear electric power generationUS
221119 - Other electric power generationUS
22112 - Electric power transmission, control and distributionUS
221121 - Electric bulk power transmission and controlUS
221122 - Electric power distributionUS

Is it possible to get this level of detail – publicly or through a custom tabulation?

Also, is it possible to get the following level of detail for different forms of electricity as per NAPCS-2017:
146111 - Electricity
1461111 - Thermal generation electricity (except nuclear and geothermal)
1461112 - Nuclear electricity
1461113 - Hydro-electricity
1461114 - Tidal electricity
1461115 - Wind electricity
1461116 - Solar electricity
1461117 - Wave electricity
1461118 - Geothermal electricity
1461119 - Other forms of electricity

“According to the subject-matter analyst, the only data available are those in CANSIM Tables 127-0002 and 127-0003 for monthly supply and disposition, and those in CANSIM Tables 127-0004 through 127-0008 for annual supply and disposition and fuel consumption. In all cases, these data are available at the provincial level.”