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Survey Methodology, December 2014

Published today

Today, Statistics Canada releases on its website Volume 40, Number 2 (December 2014) <> 
of its scientific journal Survey Methodology. This highly recognized, peer reviewed journal allows researchers, statisticians, mathematicians and methodologists from around the world to share research in the field of survey techniques and their practical applications.

Waksberg Invited Paper

This December 2014 issue opens with the fourteenth paper to receive the Walksberg Award, in honour of Joseph Waksberg’s contributions to the theory and practice of survey methodology. In her paper entitled From multiple modes for surveys to multiple data sources for estimates, the author, Constance F. Citro, suggests ways to inculcate a culture of official statistics that focuses on the end result of relevant, timely, accurate and cost-effective statistics and treats surveys, along with other data sources, as means to that end.

The December issue contains eight other papers and two short notes:


- Brady T. West and Michael R. Elliott - Frequentist and Bayesian approaches for comparing interviewer variance components in two groups of survey interviewers

- Jianqiang C. Wang, Jean D. Opsomer and Haonan Wang - Bagging non-differentiable estimators in complex surveys

- Jae Kwang Kim and Shu Yang - Fractional hot deck imputation for robust inference under item nonresponse in survey sampling

- David G. Steel and Robert Graham Clark - Potential gains from using unit level cost information in a model-assisted framework

- Sun Woong Kim, Steven G. Heeringa and Peter W. Solenberger - Optimal solutions in controlled selection problems with two-way stratification

- Paul Knottnerus - On aligned composite estimates from overlapping samples for growth rates and totals

- Andrés Gutiérrez, Leonardo Trujillo and Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva- The estimation of gross flows in complex surveys with random nonresponse

- Yan Lu - Chi-squared tests in dual frame surveys

Short Notes:

Guillaume Chauvet and Guylène Tandeau de Marsac - Estimation methods on multiple sampling frames in two-stage sampling designs

Qi Dong, Michael R. Elliott and Trivellore E. Raghunathan - Combining information from multiple complex surveys

Published since 1975, Survey Methodology has been a dependable reference point entirely dedicated to the latest advances in the field of survey techniques and methodology used around the world. To increase access to this scientific research and for environmental reasons, Statistics Canada publishes the journal free of charge on its website. Historical issues from volume 25 are also available online.

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