Friday, December 12, 2014

Revised version of the English SPSS file for National Household Survey, 2011, Hierarchical PUMF

We now have a revised version of the SPSS file for the NHS Hierarchical PUMF.

Differences from the DLI version: 

It includes:
- missing values declarations, and
- value labels for top and bottom coded values and special values (e.g., 1 “positive values that would have rounded to 0”).
· reordered the variables into the order that they appear in the codebook, rather than the alphabetical order in which they were originally presented in the SPSS file from DLI.

· Be warned –  3 of the variables are renamed to conform to the old-time 8-character limit (for users of old software) – uncomment the “rename variables" statements if you would like to use the official Statcan variable names.