Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wait Time Data

I have a researcher looking for data on wait times in clinics and hospital emergency rooms (i.e. how long does a patient have to wait to get treated for non-critical conditions). I have found some data from CIHI (see links below) and the Ontario Data Portal (most of which is available through CIHI). Statistics Canada has the Health Services Access Survey which has data current to 2017. Most of this data is related to emergency rooms or for priority services like hip replacements or other surgeries. I am having trouble is finding data related to wait times in clinics and non-critical conditions. Does anyone have any other suggestions than what I have already found? Or is this what is publicly available? This is a summer project so requesting data through CIHI is probably not feasible.

CIHI data


You will find some data for Quebec hospitals here


Canadian Community Health Survey -2016, 2014 (and probably earlier) asks respondents regarding wait times for access/referral to medical specialists, tests and surgeries for various health conditions - might this be useful?


Does this resource give you anything more than what you already have? (high-level link)

It let’s you zero in on regions, hospitals or care centres across Canada for:
I selected the Kingston Health Sciences Centre from the high level. However, these indicators don’t differentiate for non-critical conditions.