Monday, April 20, 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Home Life


I have a researcher who is looking to write a gendered analysis of work and home life during the covid19 pandemic and how people’s home and work lives are affected by the shift to work at home, no school, no daycare, etc. She has seen Canadian Perspectives Survey Series 1: COVID-19 and working from home, 2020 ( and is wondering if there is any other related data to the topic of how lives are being affected by the shift to work at home. Most of the data I am finding is related to testing, cases, and deaths, and economic and labour force impacts. Does anyone know of any other sources for data on impacts of home life? 


I would be interested to know what is out there from others.  I wish there were more current data on gender and home life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I noted this libguide: COVID-19 and child welfare > tab “Journals and academic research”.

The gendered COVID-19 data that comes to mind is care workers in long term care (LTC) homes, where there were plenty of pre-existing issues (like pay and working conditions). 

To take the example of Ontario,


March 31 update, April 2nd update, April 7th update (Ontario).

“Hospital and Long-Term Care Health Care Workers & Long-Term Care Residents Infected with COVID-19”

  • Three dire reports on COVID-19 cases among LTC seniors and workers. 

Ontario conditions and protections:

April 9th critique

April 15th Action plan of the Ontario government and follow-up critique.


CanCOVID is an expert network of Canadian COVID-19 researchers, clinical collaborators, and healthcare stakeholders from across the country.  The network is designed to support collaboration, coordination and communication in Canada. Researchers can engaged on the twitter group and there is a dedicated Slack channel for the community - perhaps other researchers in this space would know of data that exist to support the researcher's topic area. 

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