Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Union Coverage

I’m trying to help a researcher who’s looking at trends in unionization by occupation, particularly sales-related activities. Sharanjit Uppal’s 2011 report included figures for sales and service occupations broken down by retail, wholesale, food and beverage, etc.

The LFS and the tables based on it now appear to combine retail and wholesale into a single category (see table 14-10-0319-01). Is there a source (aside from the RDC) that provides the current stats with the same occupational breakdown as Uppal’s report?

We’ve received the following reply:

“The Labour force Survey no longer use that version of NOC classification. The client should send a request specifying the NOC 2016 codes and the NAICS 2012 codes along with the other characteristics they are requesting. Once I have all the specifications, I can provide a cost and time estimate to produce the data requested.”