Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sickness Benefits Statistics


I have researchers looking to obtain information regarding sickness benefits statistics.

The research purpose is as follows:
1. Determine the legal tests used for the granting or denial of employment insurance sickness benefits.
2. Determine whether or not the legal tests make it more difficult for individuals to access sickness benefits because their medical conditions do not easily fall within the medical model of disease.

As such, they are looking for information on the following:
1. The number of applicants (total and per province) that apply for sickness benefits.
2. The number of applicants (total and per province) who receive, and who are denied, sickness benefits.
3. Variation in the success rate of applicants according to the type of medical condition they present.

The most relevant CANSIM tables that we have found are the following:
1. 276-0003: Provides data on disqualifications for employment insurance, but not sickness benefits specifically; moreover, no information is available on whether applicants were denied on the basis of invalid medical reasons (which presumably falls into the category "Other reasons").
2. 276-0004: Provides data for applications received and allowed, but only for employment insurance generally and not sickness benefits specifically.

My questions are twofold:
1) Are there sources of information regarding sickness benefits readily available and that I am missing?
2) Do the administrative information from which the above tables are derived contain information regarding sickness benefits and, if so, is it possible to look at having custom tables created?


I’ve found the following resources that may help:
Those CANSIM tables are derived from the Employment Insurance Statistics Program.

This is the response we received from subject matter: “The Labour Statistics Division does not produce any custom tabulations from the Employment Insurance program. What we have on CANSIM is what is available.”