Friday, December 23, 2016

Survey Methodology (Statistics Canada's scientific journal)

Survey Methodology

Statistics Canada recently released Volume 42, Number 2 (December 2016) of its scientific journal Survey Methodology on its website. This highly recognized, peer reviewed journal allows researchers, statisticians, mathematicians and methodologists from around the world to share research in the field of survey techniques and their practical applications.

The December 2016 online issue of Survey Methodology is now available. This issue contains six papers, two short notes and one corrigendum.

Regular papers
Tests for evaluating nonresponse bias in surveys
(Sharon L. Lohr, Minsun K. Riddles and David Morganstein)

A cautionary note on Clark Winsorization
(Mary H. Mulry, Broderick E. Oliver, Stephen J. Kaputa and Katherine J. Thompson)
Short notes

A note on the concept of invariance in two-phase sampling designs
(Jean-François Beaumont and David Haziza)


Note to readers

Published since 1975, Survey Methodology has been a dependable reference point entirely dedicated to the latest advances in the field of survey techniques and methodology used around the world. To increase access to this scientific research and for environmental reasons, Statistics Canada publishes the journal free of charge on its website.

Historical papers from Survey Methodology are now available online. Electronic copies of any paper published since December 1981 (Volume 7-2) can be obtained here. Papers from Volume 1 to Volume 7-1 can also be obtained by contacting us at

How to submit an article for publication

Authors are invited to submit their articles to the journal’s Editor by email. Articles must be submitted in English or French, preferably in Word with MathType for the mathematical expressions. For instruction on formatting, please consult the guidelines for manuscripts.

All papers are refereed. However, authors retain full responsibility for the contents of their papers, and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the journal's Editorial Board or of Statistics Canada.

Beware of hackers and fake websites. The journal Survey Methodology will never ask for a publication fee, nor any financial information from authors. Pirate website fraudulently representing the journal have recently been identified. Be careful. Do not hesitate to contact the editor in chief directly

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