Friday, April 10, 2015

Historic Highschool Graduation Rates


I'm looking for an easy solution. I have a student who is looking for 1970-1990 historical high school graduation rates. I've already let him know about CANSIM Table 282-0004 which contains statistics pulled the Labour Force Survey: and provides information between 1990 - 2014.

I haven't found anything similar for preceding years and I understand that methodologies in data gathering changed in 1990.

Other than looking at the LFS or GSS, is there anything that may be more accessible?


There is some recent data from the Elementary-Secondary Education Survey (ESES). I found tables pertaining to graduation rates in fact. The survey replaces several surveys which were used for the collection of enrollment, graduate, and educator data:

- Elementary-Secondary School Enrollment Survey (ESSE - record number 3128),

- Minority and Second Language Education - Elementary and secondary levels Survey (record number 3129),

- Secondary School Graduate Survey (SSGS - record number 5082),

- Elementary-Secondary Education Staff Survey (ESESS - record number 3127).