Monday, May 26, 2014

Census Shapefile Geography Request


Where can I find an authoritative listing of all of the census tracts and enumeration/dissemination areas that were suppressed for all of the cities and years covered in the project:

Winnipeg 1981-2011
Regina 1981-2011
Saskatoon 1981-2011
Calgary 1981-2011
Edmonton 1981-2011”

I don't need the shapefiles, just a list of the suppressed areas, DAs and CTs. 2011 is easily accessible on the website, so only the other census years (from 1981 to 2006).


For 2006, the information you need is here:

For 2001, we can e-mail you a file. Prior to 2001, the Census Tract suppression lists can be found published as Appendix 1 in the Census tract profile publications, but Statistics Canada does not have them collated together electronically anywhere in the Geography division. Prior to 2001, DAs didn’t exist.