Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fiscal Deficit


A student is trying to find quarterly data on this, but we do not find that searches actual retrieve data when searching for “fiscal deficit”, except for 380-0055, V501756 Canada; Surplus or deficit (net lending) as per Income and Expenditure Accounts, which seems perfect, except that it was terminated in 1950.  !!

 It should be possible to calculate this deficit – so the student is wondering if a subtraction of: Total current expenditure (V498371)  from  Income  (V498358) would in fact be the number being used when reporting the “fiscal deficit”.

An explication would be much appreciated!


For the notion of “fiscal deficit” of Federal government, client could use Net Lending from Cansim Table 380-0007, seasonal adjusted or unadjusted series.

  • v498381   Canada; Seasonally adjusted at annual rates; Federal government; Net lending (1961-2011)

  • v499193   Canada; Unadjusted; Federal government; Net lending (1961-2011)

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