Friday, May 21, 2021

Human Trafficking Data

February 10, 2021


The Daily announced today that Preliminary national estimates on police-reported human trafficking incidents, 2020 was released. And that is all it said. There was no indication of how to access the data; are they tables, in RTRA, RDC? Or that it is part of the UCR.

I looked up the UCR tables and can’t find any 2020 data related to human trafficking. So what has been released?


What The Daily released yesterday was a data availability announcement only. This means that there is no analytical report or any associated CODR tables.


The data is however available upon request to the CCJCSS.

*UPDATE | FEBRUARY 11, 2021* The table is attached here. It’s not much at all, however subject matter needs to announce every release (no matter how small!) in the Daily.

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