Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cannabis Prices


I'm working with a student looking into black market and legal cannabis prices, particularly for New Brunswick. In their own words:

The data I am looking for is cannabis prices and, quantity for both legal and black market, before and after 1 year of its legalization for recreational use. (Colorado 2013/2014/2015 data)
(New Brunswick 2017/2018/2019 data). Particularly in New Brunswick and Colorado.

I've already directed them to tables 36-10-0124-01 and 18-10-0211-01 from Stats Can. I'm just wondering if there are other places to look to find data more specific to New Brunswick?


I’ve received the following reply from subject matter:

“The two data tables you mentioned are from Crowd-sourcing. The most recent Crowd-sourced Daily provided Canada level data only because the number of submissions is not sufficient to support provincial break-outs.

StatsCannabis data availability: Crowdsourced cannabis prices, third quarter 2019 (not specific to New Brunswick)

The NCS survey does include questions on price and quantity.  Given the typical sample size, however, more than one cycle of data would have to be combined to support this type of detailed analysis.  Also, preliminary investigations suggest for many product types there can be considerable missing/incomplete data meaning that estimating price elasticity (or something similar) would require a sensitivity-type analysis to understand and potentially impute records where price per gram could not be estimated. 

Finally, Health Canada’s Canadian Cannabis Survey (CCS) also collects price information and for a DLI student I believe this data source could also be an option.”