Thursday, October 10, 2019

Master File Documentation Request


So - it was kindly pointed out to me this morning that 1911 and 1921 files (data and documentation) have been made available here: (and that 1911 is also in ODESI).

So I guess this leaves me with 2 questions:

  1. Are we definitely sure the files on the CCRI website are the same as the RDC files? I suspect they must be, and have just been publicly released because they are past the 92 year rule. But if anyone can confirm that would be much appreciated!
  2. For 1931, 1941 & 1951, my previous questions still apply about how to get some general information about the datasets.


Please note this additional information:

The researcher does not need to have RDC access to access some CCRI files. Some information regarding the historical microdata Census files are available via the hyperlinks below. The 1911 to 1951 historical microdata Census files were compiled electronically by the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure (CCRI). While these data files are made accessible through Statistics Canada, the Agency (i.e.: the Research Data Centre analyst or Census subject matter division) will not be providing support for the use of these historical files. Researchers accessing these data do so with the understanding that Statistics Canada support is not available for files provided by CCRI.

Note that the following hyperlink includes a direct link to the publically released 1911 and 1921 microdata files and therefore the researcher can download the files and review the related codebook content.    (1911 to 1921 microdata files)   (Questionnaires and content)