Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Number of Employees

I have a student who is interested in # of employees (full time, part time or self-employed) for: City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, District of West Vancouver and the Arbutus/UBC corridor in the smallest possible geography. He's not interested in category of employee or employer characteristics--just the number of employees.

He would like the data in a format that could easily be exported in ArGIS or QGIS.


The 2016 Census offers “Number of employment income recipients”, that is the total number of people who received employment income during the year. It does not break them out by full, part-time, self employed. But using Vancouver CMA Census tracts seems like it might meet your requirement. You should be able to identify the Census Tracts you need for Arbutus and West.

Follow-Up Answer:

This is a custom table request that has to be assessed by the nearest regional office. I am not sure of this the Arbutus/UBC corridor as a geography or a format that exports to ArGIS or QGIS.

They can download Canada, provinces, territories, census divisions, census subdivisions and dissemination areas (British Columbia only) from the Census profile page


Census Profile, 2016 Census

This table has the variable Class of Worker (Employee –Self employed).