Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Canada Year Book

This is only marginally DLI-related, but I have a researcher who wants access to historic copies of the Canada Year Book. They’re archived at https://www66.statcan.gc.ca/acyb_000-eng.htm but they aren’t downloadable expect by single pages. I’ve searched the directory of STC pubs on the U of A mirror, but came up empty. Is there another way to get access to these?

I’ve found some at the Internet Archive, but not far enough back to span the period in which he’s interested (1867-1919).

Thank you for your patience for this request. The DLI team has uploaded the Canada Year Book collection to the Alberta Mirror site. Files exist in PDF; for those wishing to access the CYB collection on the University of Alberta DLI Mirror Site, point your (secure) ftp program (I use Filezilla) to: sftp://dliftp.library.ualberta.ca; pwd = the same pre-EFT global password as used by DLI contacts for the Mirror Site. The CYB collection is at the top of the DLI Directory.

Followup: June 20/17
Status Update: Digitization of Statistics Canada Historical Collection
The digitization phase of the Statistics Canada Library’s multi-year project to digitize the entire collection of print-only, official Statistics Canada/DBS publications was completed in March 31, 2016.  As part of the Open Information Initiative, the Library has shared the digitized collection with Publishing and Depository Services Directorate (PDS) who is making the information available through the Government of Canada Publications catalogue.  To date, approximately 85,070 of the 136,630 files have been catalogued and made available. This initiative will continue over the coming months until all files are catalogued and available.

Recently the DLI had made the digitized CYB collection available on the University of Alberta hosted Mirror site.  Publications and Depository Services have completed cataloguing and publishing the Canada Year Book collection (1867-1967):



[1st year of issue] (1886 [i.e. 1885])-4th year of issue (1888)

5th year of issue (1889)-20th year of issue (1904)