Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Household Pets

I have some researchers looking for information on household pets both nationally and in Sarnia/Lambton. They would like to know:

- Stats related to what kind of pets people have and how many in each household
- Age related statistics of who is likely to adopt a pet
- Household expenditures on pets, pet supplies, and veterinary services broken down by age group

I was able to find information on the expenditures so far but I’m coming close to the deadline and am still searching for the rest.

I found this on the Does Statistics Canada collect this information? page that may be of some assistance:

“Pets, cats, dogs, stray animals, animal cruelty
Statistics Canada does not collect data on the number of pets (including cats and dogs) or stray animals in Canada. We do not collect data on animal cruelty or animal testing.

Statistics Canada has information on the following:
  • pet expenses as a part of household spending
  • livestock/farm animals
  • aquaculture/fish farming
  • ethical consumption
Some resources include
2011 Census of Agriculture
ARCHIVED – Spending patterns in Canada (See Tables 1, 2 and 4)
ARCHIVED – Ethical consumption

See also
For more information, see the following subjects:
Livestock and aquaculture
Food and nutrition
Natural resources

Unfortunately, you may be out of luck, as far as STC goes. On the page
it states "Statistics Canada does not collect data on the number of pets (including cats and dogs) or stray animals in Canada."

This might be of use to you:
Consumer Corner: Canadian Pet Market Outlook, 2014$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sis14914

Files with pet information (not going down to the Sarnia/Lambton unless go to the RDC, and then only MAYBE):
General Social Survey, 2010 [Canada]: Cycle 24, Time-Stress and Well-Being. Main file: 4 edition

Household Internet Use Survey, 2003 (and 2002 and 2001) [Canada]


National Population Health Survey, 1994-1995 [Canada]: General file (and Health and Supplements files)

What kind of pet - grouped