Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Some Statcan Resources


I'm working with Census data from 1986-2006, and with the NHS 2011. I am trying to calculate mortality rates using the death counts by CSD in the Vital Statistics, and with the population counts by CSD in the short form 100% population census. In order to compute these rates, I need to match the CSDs that appear in the Vital Stats and in the Censuses, and I've been having a lot of trouble with this, as it appears there are more CSDs in the Vital Stats than in the Census. The only reasons I can think of as to why this might be occurring are: 1. that the codes have changed over the years, and 2. that some CSDs have been suppressed in the Census (whether they were incompletely enumerated reserves, or of poor data quality). I am using the concordance tables on Stat Can's website to track the changes in codes over the years, but this only accounts for a few hundred of the few thousand unmatched CSDs over the period of time I'm interested in. From this I have two questions:

What I really need for each census year (for short form & long form questions) is a list of the suppressed CSDs, showing the reason for the suppression, similar to what is available for 2011 NHS (


Unfortunately, we did not publish online any suppression lists prior to 2006. For 2006, we only published the names (no reasons for the suppression). In 2011, for both the Census and the NHS both the names and the reasons were published. Here are the links to these lists.

NHS Census subdivisions (CSD) not released

2011 Census subdivision (CSD) suppression list

2006 Census subdivision suppression list with names - 100% data

2006 Census subdivision suppression list with names - 20% sample data