Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Number of students who graduated by year, by city


Where can I find graduation data by year and city?


The Elementary-Secondary Education Survey (ESES) is an annual survey that collects aggregate data from each provincial/territorial Ministry or Department of Education. The information on enrolments is collected by type of program (regular, upgrading, and vocational), by grade and sex and by age and sex. The information on official languages programs is collected by type of program (regular second language programs, French immersion, and programs for the linguistic minority) and by grade.

The survey also collects data on secondary school graduates by type of program (regular, upgrading, and vocational), by age and sex.

Data is only collected by province (aggregating at that level).

Detailed information for 2013-14 on the data sources, description, methodology, etc..


CANSIM tables by number of graduates…


Please see the Daily announcement for this release on November 19th:

Elementary–Secondary Education Survey for Canada, the provinces and territories, 2013/2014


It looks like the best we can do is offer the following NHS data tables. NHS 2011 Profiles There are a couple on Secondary (High) School Diploma or Equivalent but they don’t provide the level of geographic detail the client is looking for, let alone the actual number of graduates.