Thursday, February 4, 2016

NHS data on age group X highest certificate at Census Tract level?


I’m looking for data from the 2011 National Household Survey which cross-tabulates age with education level at the Census Tract level.

I found the following data table (99-012-X2011055) on the Statistics Canada website which provides the data at the subdivision level, but not CT. The same table was on the DLI’s EFT site.
Highest Certificate, Diploma or Degree (7), Age Groups (8B), Major Field of Study - Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) 2011 (14), Labour Force Status (8), Attendance at School (3) and Sex (3) for the Population Aged 15 Years and Over, in Private Households of Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions, 2011 National Household Survey
Have I overlooked something, or is the data not available publicly or through the DLI?


There is the following table at the CT level for Highest Certificate, Diploma or Degree but it does not cross-tabulate with age.

Profile - Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity, Aboriginal Peoples, Labour and Education, and Mobility and Migration for Census Metropolitan Areas, Tracted Census Agglomerations and Census Tracts, National Household Survey, 2011

There is also the NHS profile, but again, it only has an age breakdown of the highest certificate, diploma or degree by population 15+ and Total population aged 25 to 64 years by highest certificate, diploma or degree.

Downloadable at the CT level:

This would need to be done via a custom tabulation through the closest regional office.